Kendriya Vidyalaya KORBA NTPC
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केन्द्रीय विद्यालय एनटीपीसी कोरबा
Kendriya Vidyalaya KORBA NTPC
CBSE Affiliation No. 3300005
1. Mr. Y. C. Kaushik, sub staff of K.V. N.T.P.C. Korba C.G. awarded with K.V.S. National Incentive Award 2014 2. Mrs Archana Khare PGT(Physics) of KV NTPC Korba C.G. is awarded with Regional Incentive Award 2014 for her outstanding work. 3. Master Bharat Bhushan Ji Gupta got Silver Medal in NSM 2015 (Swimming) and participated in SGFI 2015. 4. Master Tanuj Kashyap got Bronze Medal in NSM 2015(Taekwondo).
CMP Initiatives
 DVD-Mrs M Mahapatra-PRT-EVS-IV B

To give knowledge about different modes of transport.-Yes, Realised-The children learn about the importance of education and the impact of illiteracy

To acquaint the children with the way to recite a poem with proper sound modulation.-Children acquired the knowledge of the theme expressed in the poem-The poem motivated the children to wake up early in the morning

Give knowledge about tense,opposites ans puralsable to frame simple sentences-yes-The enormous turnip(bosst the morale of the children"unity each strength")

Know about four seasonsTo know about seasons and its impact on human life-yes-sardi aai (winter seasons)

To Know about the importance of watercreate a sense of scarecity and judiciously use of water-yes-Water O Water (source of water and water pollution)

To know about birds and their eatblesGain knowledge about plurals and colors-yes-"Mittu & the yellow mango" (Know the use of on, in, and under)

To know about the able to grow plant (proper watering, manuring)-yes-A Watering Rhyme(when do we water the plant)
 Through films,play-Mrs.R.Santaiya-PRT-SRP-I

To get them acquainted with the school envt & to make them feel a second home-yes-The children feel homely atmosphere in the school premises
 DVD-Mrs.M Balhal,Mrs M. Mahapatra-PRT-film show(child-I-V

To boost the morale of the children-yes-
 Community lunch- Mrs S.R.Das -H.M. & PRT-Community lunch-I-V

To develop the attitude of caring & sharing of -yes-
 Excursion cum picnic-Mrs.S.R.Das,Mrs.R.Santaiya-H.M. & PRT-Excursion cum p-I-V

To get exposure of the children & to learn about envt-yes-
 Grant parent Day- Mrs S.R.Das,Mrs.S.Singh,mrs.H.Selot-H.M. & PRT-Grant parent Da-I-V

To develop scnse of respect for elders-yes-

for exposure of self confidence & todevelop competitive sprit-yes-
 Class library-Mrs.H.Selot-PRT-library-I-V

To develop reading habbit-Functioning-
 Games n Sports-Mr.J.Prasad,Mrs.R.Sant-PRT-cluster level,v-I-V

To develop team sprit n descipline-yes-
 news letter-Mrs.S.R.Das,Mrs M. Mahapatra-H.M. & PRT-creative work-I-V

wide publicity of budding tallent-yes-
 Cub-Bulbul-Mr.J.Prasad,Mr. L K Kaushik-PRT-Cub-Bulbul Utsa-III-V

To develop belongingness n feeling of oneness-yes-
 Health checkup- Mrs S.R.Das-H.M. & PRT-Health checkup-I-V

to keep the record of health status of the children-yes-